✭ FaceCount shows who has unfriended you in FB.
✭ Shows who has de-activated or is re-activated.
✭ Displays large profile pictures
✭ Displays friends count on a pleasing graph.
✭ Graph can be adjusted to a desired time frame.
✭ Calculates and displays your Most Popular Friend
✭ Calculates your gender ratios (males vs. females)
✭ Retrieves mutual friends (even for unfriended).
✭ Shows mutual friends for de-activated friends.
✭ Extremely Fast, Reliable and Secure Native iOS.
✭ Reliable Support directly from the App via email
✭ We are serious and continuously adding features.
✭ SMS and Facebook sharing ability

Change Control

Version 1.6

We have updated our Menu and zapped some bugs.

Version 1.5

We have made our FREEE and have added the ability to share on Facebook. Zapped more bugs, specially the one that caused the app to crash if you had more than 50 unfriended friends. OH wow, someone actually had that, we are not judging.

Version 1.4

This is our best version of FaceCount ever, we have made lots of small changes and cover more corner cases. The Scan function is now VERY optimized and quicker than before. Finally, you can backup your data, history and graph in case you need to re-install or share across different platforms. A complete new Menu system as well as the ability to share via SMS and Facebook.

Version 1.3

This versions contains fixed a major crash that was caused by Facebook changing on us. I must admit, I was not expecting the Facebook change to go in for a few more months, but I guess I read the dates incorrectly. This now fixed and available in the AppStore, we had to get on the phone and speak to the Apple engineers to ship this update out same day. I hope you can all enjoy the fix.

Version 1.2

Available on the AppStore. We have looked at the code again and found some places we could optimize to make the App faster and more efficient. This update is oozing with improvements. Hope you like it ! Please also like our new facebook page. You can download the app from the AppStore using this link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id531013861

The new stuff includes the following:

✭ new intro screen
✭ ability to see friend’s profile in safari
✭ awesome graph for gender distribution
✭ your most popular friend now has a picture
✭ added a total for each category (ie unfriended)
✭ cooler authentication with facebook app
✭ new contact us form
✭ enhanced share with friends email look
✭ ability to share stuff on FaceBook
✭ new custom buttons
✭ updated images for retina display
✭ fixed minor issues with graph
✭ new options from an action button
✭ a few other defect fixes and optimization
✭ fixed crashes for ios 4.3

Version 1.1

Thank you all for your positive feedback. If you have downloaded the App but have not yet rated it. Please try to do it sometime, it’s not urgent, but it’ll make us smile. Also we have incorrectly named the App “Unfriended FaceCount” but we believe FaceCount is more than just finding our beloved unfriended (non) friends. So the name will change to “FaceCount” in the next update. Here is the link again for quick download. http://itunes.apple.com/app/id531013861

Version 1.0

Yay, our first version has been approved and is available on the AppStore. In the mean time, we have submitted a new version 1.1. This new version will be all about defect fixes and code cleanup. We are open to suggestions for new features and any other cool thing you can think of.

Not Supported

✭ We don’t support push-notification. Honestly, we know Facebook is your world, so that’s why we would never trust another server with your access info, so it’s best we come out clean from the start. No Push Notification. All information sits right on your phone and is never released. Cool ?

✭ We don’t support storing Facebook username or passwords. If you don’t know your  username or password, you can’t use this App.

✭ We shall never post anything on Facebook on your behalf and completely act discreet. Personally, we get irritated when Apps advertise themselves on our walls. If you like this App, tell your friend, cousin, grandpa and the lady from the other department. (it’s a great opener, lol)


Contact us for any questions or feature requests. If your feature ends up in our product, we shall honor/compensate you. If you like to develop with us, we may consider another partner. Send us a message, our army of engineers are keenly waiting by their iPhones to respond to your message.



because we hate getting hate emails for a dollar …..

  • FaceCount App depends on the amazing Facebook.com, so if Facebook is down, we are down. We think that would be a disaster in itself anyway.
  • Friends who have blocked Apps will also show up under de-activated. We recommend to use the view button to double check. Also this will be the case for any previously unfriended people who block you. That’s right. We can’t tell the difference. What a shame.
  • FaceCount is not created by Facebook so if they ever unfriend us, we have some down time, but we believe in freedom of speech and just the way we get notified when a friend is on our list, we would be interested to know when a friend is not on our list. Fair ?

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